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In 1937, Chevrolet took a trip around the nation, as seen on the map in the ad. They boast using only 8.5 Quarts of motor oil during this trip. Today's cars would be in need of an overhaul if they used this much oil. And some people say "They don't make 'em like they used to!"

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Thas ad is one of my favorites.
For those of you who are interested..It was in 1937 that Chevrolet began to offer 3/4- and one-ton models as standard models -- pickups, chassis cabs, stakes, panels, etc. Before this, only the chassis with a cowl was provided to consumers. It's engine was the new 216.5 cubic inch six.
Chevy 1937
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In 1936, Chevrolet takes pride in their newly perfected hydraulic brakes.
Hydraulic brakes are far easier to manufacture, and adjust, and keep working than were the mechanical brakes in previous years. They didn't actually stop any faster, or much easier. But hydraulic brakes were more dependable.
In later years, this type of braking system became Self Adjusting, so you didn't have to keep tweeking the darn things to keep them working right. Even the mechanical brakes required this same level of mainentance

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1936 Chevrolet