Ford Automobiles

In 1937, McCulloch is providing a supercharger for the Ford V8s

This supercharger was belt driven and used the original carburetor. It is an air pump/compressor that would force more air and fuel into the engine, causing it to make more power.
Things have changed.. today a supercharger add-on will cost about $2000.

McCulloch Supercharger in 1938
Ford introduced the V-8 in 1932. This engine became the mainstay of rodders until the proliferation of Valve-In-Head engines in the mid and late fifties. Chevrolet's "Small Block" V8 later would become America's favorite engine for hot rodding. Meanwhile, many legends were created with this powerplant somehow in the picture.
The V8 Ford was the preferred automobile by notorious outlaws such as Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger and more.
It was a popular power source for marine applications, farming and industry, hot-rodding, even aircraft! There were even a few dare-devils that built motorcycles around this engine.
Recently, there has been a renewed interest among custom car builders. In the eyes of the mechanically inclined, this is truly a remarkable engine, as the valves, intake and exhaust, the ports, the cam, everything is in the block. Just like in a Briggs & Stratton. The cast iron cylinder block is an example of meticulous care in casting these things.
Ford's out front in 1946
1946 Ford

1949 Ford
1949 Ford
1949 Ford
1949 Ford
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1950 Ford