Here you see an add for the RCA Victor Auto Radio from 1933. June to be more precise.

Prior to 1920, most Americans couldn't even fathom the idea of voices and music coming into their homes over the air. The industry would grow rapidly from 5,000 in-home radio sets in 1920 to more than 2.5 million in 1924. The "wireless" had become radio.

Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian electrical engineer, transmitted the first wireless signal in 1895. By the turn of the century he had formed telegraph companies in England and opened the first wireless office in New York City.
In 1901, Marconi telegraphed the letter "S" across the Atlantic Ocean. The U.S. Navy was so impressed that it replaced a flock of carrier pigeons with the "wireless" for ship-to-shore communications.

By this time, radio pioneer Lee de Forest was lauding his new, three-element electron "audion" tube as a "new receiver for wireless telegraphy." Edwin Armstrong's development of practical regenerative and super-heterodyne circuits led to modern radio reception and transmission as we know them today. On Good Friday, 1917, the U.S. declared war on Germany after German U-boats torpedoed and sank four American ships without warning. President Wilson directed the Navy to take over all wireless stations during the emergency, including Marconi's ship-to-shore operations.

The Marconi transmitter was not much more than a lightening bolt transferred into a long wire. It was called a "Spark Gap Transmitter" and it sent NOISE on just about every frequency known to man(today). It was the dirtiest transmitter ever concieved.

Advertisement name is RCA0633

Think of the old Marconi "Spark Gap" transmitter and realise how far we've come in electronics. That Marconi Spark Gap Transmitter is a bit like an old automobile that pollutes the air more than an entire city today.... Got the idea? Well, what if there were no people, animals, plants or any other living creature to suffer from this pollution?
At the time Marconi made his transmitter, there were no recievers to detect this pollution. So it was not an issue.
Thinking of how far we've come in electronics. We have some pretty cool stuff available to us today. Television being the main home gadget. The first TV was a real bummer, and it cost over a thousand dollars back in the nineteen fourties.
Today, we have DVD players. Wow! These things blow the socks off VHS and Beta.
Even the computers are just awsome.
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