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A Little Zenith History

God Bless America!

Zenith got its start in 1918 when two wireless-radio enthusiasts set up a "factory" on a kitchen table in Chicago and began making radio equipment for other amateurs.

By the early 1920s, the infant radio industry began to grow as did the business, which sold radios under the name "Z-Nith." (This was the origin of the Zenith Trademark, derived from the call letters of the founders' amateur radio station, 9ZN.) Zenith Radio Corporation was incorporated in 1923.

The young company's early accomplishments included the world's first portable radio (1924), the first home radio receivers to operate on household current (1926), and the first automatic push-button radio tuning (1927). Zenith's famous slogan, "The Quality Goes In Before The Name Goes On," was first used in 1927.

Founded on radio engineering, Zenith soon became a leader in other consumer electronics developments, such as the first all-electric TV station (1939), the first FM radio station in the Midwest (1940) and the world's first subscription TV system (1947).

Zenith pioneered AM and FM radio broadcasting - including the invention of the stereo FM radio broadcast system, authorized by the Federal Communications Commission in 1961 and still in use worldwide - and played a key role in developing broadcast standards for black-and-white and color television.

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