This was a conversion to put an engine on bicycles
1949 Whizzer

Is that right, Jimmy? Only 25cents a week?
Say, that's a good idea for running errands and travelling to school!
A bike's more fun, too. With Whizzer doing the work. Really go places
You don't have to buy me a new bike either, dad
That's right, Mr. Holmes. A Whizzer can be put right on Bill's balloon tire bike.

Ad name is Whizzer49
Whizzer 1949

Say, Eddie, your friend Bob tells me he's had a Whizzer motor put on his bike.
Yeah, not a bad idea.
He gets 125 miles on a gallon of gas!
Do you think I can pay for one out of my allowance?
Sure you can. A Whizzer is easy to own and it costs only $10 a year to run. Better try a Whizzer, Eddie.



Ad name is Whizzer49b

1949 Whizzer

This ad highlights all the working parts.


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