Odds-N-Ends ..yet to be catalogued other than here

Ma Bell in 1934 Bell Telephone System ad in 1934.
Ad says "From one telephone to fourteen million"
American Flyer in 1948 Here is an ad for the American Flyer toy trains in 1948
Treet razor blades in 1938 Treet Razor blades... For a clean shave! General Electric in 1948 General Electric is showing their latest, greatest stuff here, in 1948
Lucky Tiger hair tonic in 1937 makes you better looking. Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic is just what you need to be "Good looking" in 1937 Lifebouy Shaving Cream in 1945. Lifebouy Shaving Cream in 1945.. Should use this when using the Treet Razor Blades.
Pepsi in 1942 Here are two Pepsi ads from 1942 Pepsi is still in 1942 Pepsi ran a series of these type of ads, I will be adding more as time passes.
Transvision television ad in 1949 In 1949, television kits were popular. Here is one way to build a TV, with a ready made and assembled chassis to put in your own cabinet.