This was a dual ad for both the model train and the Erector Set in 1942
 What a dream come true to have both as a youngster.
 This is a good print, and will also make an excellent poster for the hobby room.
These prints are furnished on the finest Archival Quality Photographic paper.

Gilbert Trains, and Erector 1942
Gilbert's Erector Set and American Flyer toy trains, 1942

 Electrocar 1949
 The ad itself was VERY small, and the quality of the poster will not be as good as a larger ad. Although it is legible.
 I would suggest this ad for distant viewing on a large print

Electrocar, toy car in 1949

Erector Set 1948
The Erector Set was perhaps one of the most desired kits in it's time. But they were very expensive.
This was a full page ad on a 6X9 format. The print quality was good and this will make a sharp print for your hobby room.

 Of course, this isn't a toy, 
but some of the toys needed them.

Eveready in 1949


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