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July 22, 2005
My "Day Job" is wonderful. I love what I do, even though it's hard work, dirty and hot(right now).
My boss is a good hearted person. Quite the liberal minded for the most part.
However, he sometimes says things that he feels are facts which in fact are not. Usually it's just things that he simply thinks it's that way when it isn't.
My co-workers and the boss's wife all agree that he thinks he knows more about anything than everyone.

One night I was thinking of what sort of title I could give a person such as he is. After some thought, I came up with
An acronym for "Master At Disseminating Misinformation And Nonsense"

You may use this acronym as it applies to folks you may know. However, I want you to remember that George Ramsower coined this acronym and I would love to hear in come back to me someday as an ordinary reference to someone such as I have described

I didn't date this one when I wrote it, so we'll call it...
>> A long time ago, far, far away..<<

Well, folks. I've finally added a "Testimonial" page. I figure maybe it would helps sales.
I don't sell many of these things. Mostly because .. well, I'm the ONLY person doing this on the whole planet.. at least as far as I can find on the internet. So therefore, not many people know of me and what I'm doing. This means that few folks are looking for this, since they don't know I'm here.

Anyway, check out my "Testimonial" page and see what you think....

Coming up.......

I'm re-writing the whole website now(in my computer). The new stuff will include some history and interesting information on the the manufactures of the things advertised. I figure this would make for more interesting browsing.
Also, I'm making larger, more clear pictures on the pages so you can actually read the darned things. A long time ago, I feared folks would steal the images and print their own.. but if you want, that's okay.You could NEVER get what I produce with my equipment here at home.
Soon, I'll add a couple more pages to show what I use to produce the photographs. You'll be impressed, amazed, astonished and then you'll understand why I can do such work as you will read about on Testimonial page.

Stay tuned... bookmark this website and see what will come next!


George Ramsower
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