Although I've been avoiding testimonials, I figured it's about time I share these with you.
I'm really proud of the response I get. I've always enjoyed the emails I receive from my clients. So, here are the ones I've been saving since January.
I don't sell many, so you see each and every email I've received since 2003..

Most of my customers are "Girlfriends" who get them for their "Honey". This is why you see "He's gonna love it" on the second testimonial.
Here at home, I've given away a LOT of pictures to friends and associates. My boss at my last job really liked the old car ads I gave him. He was amazed at how clear the images were.
I work at (ugh) WalMart now. One of my co-workers used to be a professional photographer many, many years ago. This guy is ancient. He's seen some of my work and he was impressed. Couldn't find a fault. So that made me feel pretty good.
Honest to goodness, I did not edit any of these emails except to delete last names to protect their privacy. These are EXACTLY the way they came to me...
I've put EVERY email here. I've NEVER had a complaint.

hey George, got the pics in today,,thankyou ,i really like them..tony

Got the print in the mail today. WOW! That's just what I wanted. You do great work. I'm bookmarking your site as soon as I finish writing this to you.

Thanks for doing such an excellent job. He's gonna love it!!!

Hey - the package - not even a bent corner...! Considering we have a mail-person who wants to jam everything into a small mailbox (to save driving their vehicle up our driveway), I'm thinking you got the right idea!

George! Oh thank you, thank you! Yes, I do so love the print! You did a magnificent job. And this is an enlargement from a 6" x 9"? It is grainless! How did you manage that? The paper is wonderful, too. It looks like a satin finish. I cannot tell you how excited I am. I will take it to the expensive place instead of the cheap frame shop I usually use and I will spare no expense for tasteful, unique double mat and frame.

I am thoroughly impressed and positively delighted. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Lu (last name deleted)